Portrait of Jonathan Milton


Jonathan Milton, an American artist, specializes in kinetic sculpture. He also frequently explores other mediums of art including furniture, sculpture and graphic design. He is a graduate of the Georgia Southern University with a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing Design.

Sculptures that offer the dynamic qualities of movement are both attractive and intriguing. Mobiles are the perfect medium to study motion and an opportunity to construct pieces that incorporate mass and balance. A mobile defines a space within a space and provides equilibrium through the connection of substance and materials.



August 26-27

Grant Park Shade Art Festival, Atlanta, GA

September 15-16

Arts in the Heart of Augusta, Augusta,GA

September 22-24

Art Festival Nashville, Nashville, TN

October 6-7

Saint James Court Art Festival Kentucky, Louisville, KY

October 21-22

Kentuck Art Festival, Northport, AL

November 10-11

Carolina Designer Craftsman, Raleigh, NC